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Paloma Sanchez is a G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) Gemologist and Jewelry Designer who journeys around the world in search of the finest gemstones to capture their individual quality and personality in her designs. Paloma has pursued a successful career in the luxury industry working for Carrera y Carrera, Hublot, Cuervo & Sobrinos and Patek Philippe. Following her passion, armed with a vast lifetime industry experience, she established her own brand in 2009 in Beijing, China.


aquamarine pendant by jewellery designer Paloma Sanchez

Paloma’s travels for unique stones have taken her to the mines of Arizona in the U.S., to Vietnam, Colombia, Myanmar, Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, China, and Madagascar, among others. Paloma selects a stone for its purity, saturation of color, and unique growth formation. She selects only authentic, high-quality stones, often considering collector specimen or museum-quality. She never expects to find the same stone twice, therefore never creating the exact same piece again. Each is as one of a kind as was its journey into a unique stone.

earrings by @Paloma Sanchez
Malachite ring @Paloma Sanchez
ring by @Paloma Sanchez

Gems carry thousands of years of history – a world of rich uncovered, untold stories lie in them. Paloma searches the world to unearth these gems and tell their stories through her design. Our customers wear Paloma Sanchez Jewelry, The Art of Jewelry to become a part of the story. True luxury is an experience that cannot be replicated. Paloma Sanchez, The Art of Jewelry is a pioneering fine jewelry brand established in 2006, Beijing, China. Since then the brand has been passionately cultivating a deeper knowledge and cultural exchange between China and the West through the medium of art, design and philanthropy. Our jewelry creations carry an unmistakable fusion of nature meets Western aesthetics and Chinese philosophy.

  • In 2013, Paloma Sanchez was recognized as one of the thirty best jewelry designers in the world today and featured in the “Unique Book, The Best Jewelry Designers” launched at the Baselworld 2013, World Watch and Jewelry Show, in Basel, Switzerland.
  • Mercedes-Benz (2016- 2017) and Louis Vuitton (2013) each have selected the Paloma Sanchez gallery to feature in their respective city guides to Beijing.
  • Paloma Sanchez has been invited and chosen as one of the founding members of China New Couture Committee. She currently sits as the only non-Chinese founding member of the board.
  • Paloma Sanchez is an esteemed member of the Natural Color Diamond Association. She holds lectures and participates in educational program to share her knowledge and insights in diamonds and the industry.
  • The PRC and the Royal Businessmen Association of Spain awarded Paloma Sanchez with Entrepreneurial Excellence Award as a successful business owner of a pioneering Chinese – Spanish brand in April, 2017. Ambassador of the PRC in Spain, HE Mr. Fan Lu, handed over the Award to Mrs. Paloma Sanchez.

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