About us


WORLD LUXURY JEWELLERS is an online platform about luxurious jewellery design, its history and craftsmanship. You will not only find information about actual jewellery designers, but also stories about past designers, craftsmanship  and jewellery.  

We inform the visitor to a level that will allow him/her to not only recognise the quality and value of luxury jewellery, learn more about jewellery history and gemstones. We identify actual designers by their skills, with respect for the environment and human rights.

For jewellery designers, only jewellery made of precious metals – as 18kt gold -, unique designs, genuine natural gemstones and crafted with care will be promoted on the World Luxury Jewellers platform. For artistic designers, materials could be different, only with the aim to express the artistic design. 

We do care about environmental and human right issues in the mining sector. This is the reason, why we cooperate also with partners who have set the first steps for the future.

World Luxury Jewellers is registered in Belgium. Please contact us for further requirements.