Stefanie Condes

Carrying creativity and craftsmanship in her heart, goldsmith Stefanie Condes designs refined golden jewellery for her namesake collection. Each of these unique pieces can be personalised into truly original treasures. 

Stefanie’s designs are characterised by neatly finished contours, pure lines and a natural touch. Her works are hand-crafted exclusively from high-quality materials such as 18-karat gold and diamonds, gemstones and pearls. 

Stefanie Condes established her shop and atelier in Brasschaat in 2010 and her brand has been a household word in the Belgian jewellery world ever since. She and her team are always delighted to welcome people who are seeking a personalised Stefanie Condes design, a sparkling engagement ring or love-sealing wedding bands.

pictures ©Stefanie Condes