EXHIBITION – Nature Redefined


jewellers'exhibition of artist Martin Spreng

Martin Spreng began his artistic career in cabinetry with a particular talent for inlay and marquetry. This craftsmanship shows through in his masterful inclusion of ebony and other materials with richly textured designs. His pieces show the traces of his hand and tools, the textures forming landscapes of his imagination. Find more…

ring by jewellery designer Martin Spreng, exhibition
ring by @Martin Spreng

The Artist’s Statement

This “Nature Redefined” exhibition represents a new dimension in my work, as these are my first creations using titanium and exploring its marvelous potentials. Lightness of volumes, remarkable color-play, engraving and patina possibilities have opened up a vast creative territory to illustrate my perpetual quest: the dialogue between the rough and the precious, magnifying the beauty of Nature to the point of reinvention.

I experimented with titanium to obtain landscape-like assemblies, bundles of twigs or rushes from which other precious matters seem to emerge or, on the contrary, to alight upon the surface. The random perfection and fragility of nature – redefined.

Homage to the Arts & Crafts movement through my experimental approach to materials and demanding craftsmanship in the service of inspirational nature, her shifting landscapes and dreamscapes…

An invitation to life and beauty, interpreted in my own lexicon of contrast and colour.  

Traduction: Tamra Blankenship

pictures @Martin Spreng


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