necklace by Jaime moreno jewellery designer
TORNASOL, is a unique necklace composition which recreates the marvellous joy of finding an oasis in life. Necklace arms represent the rivers that feed the oasis with an array of colorful emotions. The two pieces represent the contrast of Mother Nature between life (water) and death (desert sand). Boulderopal, rubelite tourmalines, brilliant shaped diamonds, tsavorites, sapphires and emeralds, 18kt yellow and white gold - INHORGENTA AWARD 2018, BEST PIECE OF JEWELRY © Jaime Moreno



necklace by World luxury jeweller Jaime Moreno
FRUITS OF THE FORREST. Necklace made of branches, leafs and fruits from a forrest. With a clear inspiration of Art Nouveau. Green turquoise inlaid with copper, from Iran. Peridots, rubies, topaz, emeralds and tsavorites on a 18k Rose gold branches © Jaime Moreno


necklace by jewellery designer jaime moreno

MIRROR, this exceptional quartz crystal pendant with inlays of rutile resembling gold threads in its interior, represents the glass of a mirror and its reflections. The piece that carries the black diamonds plays a sort of frame elegantly and gracefully. Rutile quartz, black diamonds, pearls and 18k yellow gold © Jaime Moreno

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ring by world luxury jeweller Jaime Moreno

Inspired by the day I saw how the rainbow appeared over the deep blue sea from the shore. Lapilazuli, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topazers, amethysts, 18KT white gold © Jaime Moreno

The ‘Princess’ bracelet creates a statement jewel in its 18 kt rose gold with a gorgeous bicolor tourmaline, tsavorites and watermelon tourmalines © Jaime Moreno

The Everest mountains with an impressive aquamarine that reminds of the highest frozen peak. The majestic and magnificent beauty of the things that see time pass by. Aquamarine, diamonds, 18kt white gold

© Jaime Moreno

earrings by Jaime Moreno

Captivated by the magical feeling of a rainy afternoon and seeing how raindrops slip on the window. Topaz, onyx, diamonds, 18kt white gold © Jaime Moreno

Presentation of a beautiful green quartz in a frame of 18 k yellow gold, 18 kt white gold and diamonds. Pendant part of the Smile Collection © Jaime Moreno

The blue topazes represent the soul of two people united by the friendship. They both reflect their spirituality and the depths of their souls. Ring part of the Friendship Collection © Jaime Moreno