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Craftsmanship and hand made jewellery drives the team of World Luxury jewellers to create the community of international artists and jewellery designers.  Jewellery are made with precious or alternative materials (only with the purpose to create pieces of art). Exceptional designs and the ambition to  care on ethical view.  

ring by Belgian jeweller Marie-Bénédicte
diamond pendant by jewellery designer Rembrandt Jordan
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The jewellers of World Luxury Jewellers – artists and artisanal designers – have been choosen with care. Some are artists and do exercice different art disciplines, as sculpture and jewellery. Others are concentrated on artisanal craftsmanship and jewellery design, hand made as  unique pieces.   


Monique Brouwers is the designer behind Narciss - Fine Jewellery. Find more about the Dutch designer who designs out of the box jewellery with care.

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