Sophie Derom - Jewellery

necklace LINE VAUTRIN (1913-1997) in Talosel (resine invented by the artist) and mirror in blue colour.
Brooch by FERNAND DEMARET (1911-2008) in 18kt gold with peridot. The brooch is inspired by the pre-Colombian civilisation. Signed and with Hallmark. .
ring by POL BURY (1922-2005), "Tiges sur un carré" (serie of 30), 18kt yellow gold, hallmark and signed, 1970.
bracelet by BLøNDAL BENGTSSON & LASSEN, Rhodanised sterling silver adorned with a satin surface, signed,1960.
Ring by OLE BENT PETERSEN (1938-1998)9, 18kt yellow gold, signed.

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