LOOK INTO MY EYE BRACELET - This sculptural bracelet is the closing piece from the Squares collection. A sequence of 4 x 4 rose golden squares 18 kt gold are connected and closed by its centerpiece, a handcut square shape in smokey quartz of 28.65ct.
COSMIC EYE EARRINGS - This pair of sculptural earrings is a one-of-a kind jewel from the Stella Nebula collection. Inspired by nebulae, the interstellar clouds where stars are born, these pieces capture the mystical and compelling beauty of the cosmos. The pair consists of a 18,89 ct. amethyst (untreated, natural colour) on the one side, and a sculptural shape in 18kt yellow gold, mirroring the unique stone cut, on the other side. Together they form a precious duo to be worn as a statement jewel.
LILAC STARFLOWER RING - An unique hand cut Amethyst in shape of a flower and set in 18ktgold.
HIDDEN SECRET IX RING -Sculptural hand cut smocky Quartz of 16,66 ct. smokey quartz (untreated, natural colour) and set in 18kt yellow gold.

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