artist in the picture - Marion Sterner

Marion Sterner was born near Munich/Germany and is today living and working in Venice/Italy. She holds degrees in architecture from Germany and Italy. Having a multidisciplinary past between design and industrial paper making processes she has been working on jewelry with glass and metal since 2006.

Trying, learning and trying out different materials is an inner need and a personal luxury for Marion Sterner. The results are often surprising. She started with experiments with glass, both from Murano and technical glass. She combines molten glass with metals and also and uses only metals to develop a design language that suits her.

Classical? Rock? Linear? This design language does not then run in a straight line but it depends on the material and the mood. The influence that everyday life in Venice has on her work cannot be assessed for herself, but it may be felt by others. And the journey of discovery continues for her.


© Marion Sterner

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