Copenhague, Geneva, Evian, Paris….

Born of a slightly eccentric English mother and a more rational French father, I quickly discovered the twinkling lights on Lake Geneva, when the sun goes down…

Color and light are my first loves, materials are infinite. 

Then the move to Paris, training in gemmology, first encounters with stones, pearls…

So many possibilities and associations. 

First purchases, an actual treasure hunt!

Trips to mining countries, the extraordinary inguinity of these peaople, 

Their almost inhuman work to go and get at the heart of a vein these marvels. 

These proud men, often working with bare feet and hands, so brave. 

Their wives, early in the morning at the market, selling their freshly cut stones, raw or round by years of tumbling in riverbeds. 

To have witnessed them at work, left me with an incredible feeling of humanity. 

We are part of a chain and they are the first link. 

Then come the women and men in the workshops, the jeweller, the working hands, the artists, the magicians. 

I’ll tell them a story, and they transform my dream into reality, into a jewel. 

And finally, the sentimental relationship between my jewels and those who are going to wear them, love them or offer them to their loved ones. 

I love jewels, all types of jewel. 

They are full of passion, transmission, family stories. Love, emotions. 

Unique pieces forever…