For over forty-five years, Gloria Bass has channeled her passion for design, and her skills as a goldsmith, to steadily build the reputation of Gloria Bass Design. As the soul of the company, her sensibility can be found in every Gloria Bass Design creation. Based in Montreal, Gloria and her team of highly skilled assistants and craftsmen continue to serve an international clientele. The pieces of jewelry produced in her workshop are the outcome of her curiosity, creative talent and thought. They evoke sensuality and elegance.

The unique Gloria Bass Design style is easily recognized in each stunningly beautiful and quality-made piece of jewelry. The world’s most voluptuous pearls and breathtaking gems are combined with distinctive goldsmithing techniques to become wearable, and at the same time, extremely comfortable pieces of art. Insistence on precision and detail, and the use of the finest materials, ensures superior quality.

The wearer’s needs, preferences and individual personality are reflected in every piece of jewelry. This is especially important with pieces that are custom-made. The satisfaction of knowing that one’s wishes and ideas are infused with sophisticated design means that every day becomes a special occasion. Special occasions are transformed into memorable events.