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Born and raised in Belgium, Claire obtained a Master’s degree in jewelry art from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She has been fortunate to work in multiple famous goldsmith workshops to improve on her technical skills. She now owns a studio, showroom and offline shop in her hometown Olmen in the province of Antwerp. She prefers to live in the countryside far away from the busy city life to stay in touch with nature together with her 2 funky cats. To grow as an artist and to acquire fame she regularly takes part in major art expositions. Her jewelry is usually preferred by people that look for something that stands out from mainstream design.

What are the main cornerstones in your work?

In each design one can find a combination of one or more of these 5 elements : nature, symbolism, perception of colour, energy and the abstract/intangible and more…embracing the elegance and beauty of feminine energy and dance & movement. 



Where does the interest in design come from?

My grandparents used to have a textile factory. The factory was located behind my grandparent’s house. Together with nephews and nieces I played on the wool bales and between the newly coloured wool. So from a young age I was stimulated by the smells, forms, textures and colours in the factory halls : from the rough industrial machinery to the delicately finished wool product.

So from an early age you had an eye for detail?

Yes, I learned young so they say. Since childhood I have had an eye for beauty. I remember my grandparents’ house with its authentic wall paintings, beautiful antique furniture and precious porcelain. Maybe it’s an autistic side, but I always looked for the details, the flaws and found the beauty in that. I spent hours looking and looking for the balance in a composition. That’s where it all started.

Your jewelry has a very organic design. You don’t see this in mainstream jewelry.

Many of my designs are sold to women who have never liked traditional jewelry. I make jewelry how I would wear them myself. Each jewel has a special eye-catching effect.

Do you have any hobbies you want to mention?

My hobby is expressive dancing, here I experience life to the fullest. And it is this translation of music into a form that inspires me to make a specific design. The movements are subjective expressions of feelings, also the beauty and flexibility that is sometimes far away in today’s world but always occurs in nature. I try to capture these movements in my organic designs.


How is symbolism introduced in your designs?

Through a long search for the how and why of mankind on earth, I came across mysticism. It explains the invisible world around us. It increases your consciousness and opens an infinity within yourself. I use this representation in my designs. For example the branch of life, infinity, reincarnation, karma, tree leaves… You can also experience this infinity in a dance.


Can we expect you on stage as a dancer?

I am a coach rather than a performer. I like to share my vision in the form of jewelry with a large audience in silence. Maybe I’ll teach expressive dance in the future.


Can you tell us something about your production process?

I usually work in a meditative environment. The design is created from images in my head. The creative process starts when the vision is finished. I try to convert the fragile thoughts into matter as energetically as possible by using all kinds of ancient and modern techniques.


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