Her story

Celine is a creative centipede. As a child she won numerous drawing and recitation competitions and jumps from one stage to another for theater and musical performances. “Art” and “creativity” could have been her first words. Her parents were jewellers at heart and the family business made Celine love everything that sparkles and shines. As a young girl she used leftover wax she found in her father’s studio to create pieces of jewellery herself. Her proud dad casted his little girl’s creations in silver and Celine handed them out to her friends in the schoolyard.



After a first year of Graphic Design at St-Lucas, the passion for making jewelry really started taking the upper hand. Celine wants to learn a trade and switches to the goldsmith jewelry design course in Antwerp. After her education, she does internships at various foreign ateliers, including Roberta Porrati (Italy), gets a job at the Diamond Club and obtains the diplomas “Certified Diamond Grader & Certified Gemologist” at the Diamond High Council in Antwerp. Celine soon took her first steps in the family business of her parents, who have been making artisan jewelry for years.

Celine works hard and with passion. She specializes in extremely rare and intense fiery colored stones. Think Padparacha sapphire, mandarin garnet, indigolite, Paraïba tourmaline, rubelite or Santa Maria aquamarine.

Celine explains enthusiastically: “I love sourcing and selecting gemstones. I work in a very meticulous way and raise the bar time after time. I strive to create irresistible and unique masterpieces for my customers combining stones with pure craftsmanship and an attractive design. “

2015 – HRD Awards

In the theme “A la Carte”, Celine created her “Asparagulicious” jeweled hat. A masterpiece that earned her a well-deserved final place in the HRD Awards (international jewelry competition organized by the Diamond High Council). Her “asparagus hat” traveled the world for 2 years. The creation consists of no less than half a kilo of 18K gold and is set with more than 1,200 diamonds.

2020 – Opening of her own jewelry design studio in Ghent

Celine’s jewelry became known in Oudenaerde and far beyond. Yet it was still itching to open her own design studio. After a (long) search for the perfect property, Celine opens her own design studio in the Henegouwenstraat in Ghent on 25 May 2020 (indeed, right in the middle of the corona year).

“The location of my studio is perfect. I was lucky enough to find a building in the hip East District of Ghent, right next to big names such as Essentiel, Sevens and Natan. The Henegouwenstraat stands for class and pure synergy of various wonderful things.” says Celine.

The brand-new design studio in Ghent has been transformed by Celine into a cozy meeting place where you will be inspired by the many jewels, enchanting-colored stones, luxury jewelry books, original interior objects, minerals and fossils.


Her creations – Pure drive

Celine creates jewelry that she loves herself. Personal contact with her customers is the drive. 

“I sit around the table with my customers and listen to their wishes, my pencil does the rest. (laughs) I immediately sketch a first design by hand and discuss the budget in order to achieve my clients dream. I love that my clients trust me with their wildest ideas. Why do they do that? I think they really appreciate my customization and my expertise, or am I now trying too hard on myself? (giggles)”

Celine gets her inspiration from the image of strong women. With her jewelry she wants to give women that extra touch and strength in their busy, challenging and exciting lives. “It is so nice when a customer can find just that one color that emphasizes her personality even more.” says Celine.


“It can take up to months to find the right stone for a jewel.”

Color, color and more color


When designing her creations, Celine resolutely opts for color. In this process, top quality colored stones and durability are at the top of the list, it is a quest that takes her to the farthest corners of the world. Her finest tourmalines come from Mozambique, her rarest sapphires from Sri Lanka.

“All my jewelry designs revolve around color,” she says passionately. “Too often people think that colored gemstones are inferior, while that is not true at all. The most beautiful specimens are much rarer and more precious than diamonds. It is true that sometimes you have to search a little longer for the best quality. The search for the right stone can take up months. My suppliers know that I am very demanding. I therefore only want to provide my customers with the most beautiful and rarest copies.”

The Celine Roelens-collection

In addition to all the custom work, Celine also proudly presents its permanent collection full of pearls (read: gemstones).

 I love it when women visit my studio to buy themselves a present. Just because they deserve it.”

pictures ©Celine Roelens