Marleen, the designer behind the brand AMMA JEWELRY says:

“Over the years of making jewelry, I have sometimes wondered why I am drawn to this profession, occasionally asking myself if I have another purpose in life. But, somehow I can’t help myself from creating new pieces of jewelry. The beauty of the raw materials fuels my creativity, while the intense focus on the tiniest detail makes me forget the world around me. And maybe it’s just that.

Hello, I’m Marleen, a Dutch goldsmith and art historian based in Amsterdam. The name AMMA, originally my dad’s idea, captures my masters degree in art history as well as the art of goldsmithing. Anne-Marleen (my given name) + Master of Arts = AMMA. I liked the symmetry, and how it nods to the fact that my jewelry is AMsterdam MAde.

Treasures and Transformation
I was not aware when I called my brand AMMA that the word means mother and grandma in many languages. Or that I would become a mother myself. Life is all about transformation, metamorphosis. And jewelry with its geological treasures can gracefully reflect our lives at different stages. For me, it is essential that the ingredients of my jewelry can be cherished for life, that they can be reused and transform into something new. It is no coincidence that you will see butterflies throughout my work!

Romantic Minimalism
My pieces are characterized by fine, intricate detailing captured within a minimalistic frame. Subtle, complementary colors – ton sur ton and sometimes mysteriously dark. Filigree is my specialty. I love the contrast between a bold minimalistic frame and the delicate and detailed ornaments of filigree. Both in shape and technique, the tension between them is strong and difficult to balance. When in harmony, the result is stunning.